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What Clients Say

When we decided to buy our dream house, we said that we should do it right and get help from an interior designer to take things to the next level. Now both me and my wife have strong ideas and opinions. So the thought of bringing someone to work alongside us and help push us out of our comfort zone was scary at first. We searched and interviewed a myriad of interior designers but the moment we came across Daisy we knew this is someone who we can trust. From the very first meeting we found her to be organised both in her thought process and the way she captured our requirements. She helped push boundaries of our imagination whilst ensuring that we still were able to adhere to our overall objectives of beauty, design and cost.


To say that this was a complex project is an understatement, but she was able to keep on top of things from inception to completion. Her attention to detail was impeccable and she always found creative ways of solving any problems that we ran into. Interior designing is more art than science and art is subjective. That said Daisy's creativity can cater to a wide range of tastes and we know this as we pushed her as much as she did us!


We never knew that to get the true value from an interior designing process would require us to reveal so much of ourselves to a third person. We are glad that this person was Daisy as she has helped transform our house into a fabulous home!!

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